Representing Yourself in a whiplash claim

Should You Represent Yourself in a Whiplash Claim ?

Representing yourself in a whiplash claim is possible, but will be risky. Any time that an individual chooses to represent themselves in a legal situation, they stand the very real danger of not doing everything the way it should be done. If you choose to represent yourself, you will need to be aware of all the paperwork that will be required and the exact procedures that you will have to comply with. Given that you are still recovering from your accident, and experiencing some pain, it is probably not the best idea to forgo legal representation.

Financial Aspects That Relate to Your Whiplash Claim

whiplash claim Representing Yourself in a whiplash claim

Whiplash Claim

Most solicitors in the UK receive their compensation that relates to your whiplash claim from the courts. That has not always been the case, and many people don’t know that an attorney will not typically receive a portion of the settlement. That misinformation seems to be one of the biggest reasons that some victims of whiplash do not engage an attorney to help with their whiplash claim.

Once you know that you will typically not be responsible for attorney’s fees, it may seem easier to determine what the best choice is.

The Nightmare of whiplash claim Paperwork

If you are still determining if you would like to hire a solicitor to handle your whiplash claim, you may wish to take into consideration how much red tape and paperwork is involved with an approved Whiplash accident claim. From the time of your accident, you will be asked to document almost everything. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Medical evaluations, both immediately after your accident and follow-up care
  • Verification of the amount of time you have missed, and expect to miss in the future due to your injury, as well as the resulting loss of income
  • Proof of any unusual expenses that you have incurred, such as having to pay someone to take care of you.

At least one eye witness to the accident, may be required for you to comply with the guidelines for a whiplash accident claim. This eyewitness will have to meet certain requirements. Failure to comply with any guidelines, regardless of why, will often result in your claim being denied.

Managing Your Case

The pain, confusion, disorientation, and otherĀ  symptoms that you’re experiencing after your accident can make it hard for you to resume your normal activities. Additionally, it is expected to be much harder to adequately represent yourself in a formal proceeding, particularly when that proceeding is both unfamiliar and complicated. Anyone who is going into a very important situation, when he or she is not at their best, truly needs as much guidance as possible. A whiplash claim can be complicated and stressful. Additionally, you have only a certain amount of time to file your whiplash injury claim.

This type of assistance is readily available in the form of an experienced personal injury attorney. Why would you not want to hire the best people, particularly when you do not expect to be responsible for their fees? Call our offices today, for a private consultation.

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