Types of Whiplash Accident Claim

Are There Different Types of Whiplash Accident Claim ?

Many people, especially if they are in pain and disoriented after an accident, will wonder if there are different types of whiplash accident claim. The answer to this question is, yes. Specifically, this will usually refer to the varying degrees of whiplash injuries. Here are a couple of scenarios:

whiplash compensation claim solicitors Types of Whiplash Accident Claim

Whiplash accident claim

If you were a car accident through no fault of your own, and were diagnosed with a severe case of whiplash, you would typically be able to expect a more generous settlement from your whiplash accident claim than if you had a less severe injury. Unfortunately, the law does not currently allow for payments if your injury is a minor form of whiplash, since your symptoms will typically disappear in a few days.

How Serious is Serious Enough to Make a Whiplash Accident Claim ?

A severe form of whiplash, will typically show up with its earliest symptoms very soon after your accident. Even prior to the time that you are able to file your whiplash accident claim, your injury may progress quickly, with painful symptoms that do not abateĀ  with traditional treatment. This may be the time when your physician would be able to provide you with more intensive remedies for pain relief, such as prescription pain medications and bed-rest. Some people with severe forms of whiplash, experience permanent complications from their injury, and will therefore be eligible for a much more generous whiplash accident claim payout.

Whiplash accident claim – Moderate injury

A moderate injury, will require you to miss less work and will not require any long term modifications to your work or your quality of life. You will experience some pain and discomfort, and you may experience memory loss, confusion, and some emotional setbacks. However, with proper medical care and close attention to your doctor’s orders, you can expect to make a full recovery following your whiplash injury claim. If recovery does not happen in the time-line that your physician has indicated, you may need to have your injury re-examined. Any whiplash injury claim will be examined very closely by all the concerned parties.

Minor whiplash accident claim

Current UK law does not allow for minor cases of whiplash to be submitted for a whiplash injury claim by an attorney. This is unfortunate, particularly if you have a low threshold for pain or pre-existing conditions that were affected by the accident. This inability to seek legal representation exists because a person’s symptoms with mild whiplash will go away in a very short period of time. Given that the insurance company is held responsible for legal expenses related to the whiplash injury claim, it is not considered necessary to pay an attorney for minor expenses.

Once the severity of your injury has been determined, your attorney should be able to start the ball rolling on your claim. You should choose a personal injury lawyer with extensive experience in his or her field, to receive the best possible legal advice. Be sure that the one you decide on has enough experience to provide you with everything that you need for your whiplash accident claim.

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