Claim for Whiplash Payments

Your claim for whiplash …How Long Will This Take?

A claim for whiplash is a painful and debilitating diagnosis that commonly occurs following a motor vehicle accident. There are many variables that go into determining how long your claim will take to be approved. In general, people with an attorney may receive a higher dollar amount, but receiving that dollar amount may take more time. If you accept a settlement from the insurance company without benefit of counsel, you run the very real risk of agreeing to stipend checks, as opposed to a lump sum payment that is typically expected by most accident victims.

claim for whiplash solicitor Claim for Whiplash Payments

Claim for whiplash

Any claim for whiplash will be determined solely on the merits of your case. Specifically, this means that your case, like your injuries, are unique to you and you alone. Although it is often tempting to compare your situation to other situations, the variables that effect your case can result in significantly different results. You can expect to receive an approved claim for whiplash only if you were in the car at the time of the accident.  The presence of accurate and complete documentation that relate to your injury and follow-up care will also be taken into consideration when your claim for whiplash is processed.

Learning about Claim Amounts and Time Limits on Your Claim for Whiplash:

The following information should only be used as a guideline, and cannot be used a guarantee of your claim for whiplash settlement. Extenuating circumstances, such as previous similar claims and your own medical history can also affect your result of your claim for whiplash.

  • If you are fortunate enough to recover within a year, the average payout has been approximately £750 to £2500
  • If you receive your funds within two years, the average check is reported to be £2,500 to £4,250
  • If you are slow to recover, with a lingering vulnerability, you might receive compensation that is between £4,250 and £7,750
  • If you’ve experienced a particularly bad type of whiplash, and continue to suffer the permanent results from your accident, you may be eligible for compensation in a sum between £7,750 and £13,750.

Although it  may seem rather obvious, it still should be documented that more severe injuries will receive a more generous payment. The severity of your injury is the single most important contributing factor to your final compensation. It has also been documented that clients who engage the services of an attorney have frequently received quicker payments in a higher dollar amount.

Facilitating your claim for whiplash payment:

Although it may be very tempting to handle your case directly, or to accept the first offer from an insurance company, it is incredibly important to consult with an attorney prior to signing anything.

Anything you are asked sign could potentially limit either your legal rights, your ability to collect the money that is legally due to you, or the time limits during which you can receive your settlement.

Consulting with an personal injury solicitor is the most important thing you can do, besides receiving adequate and acceptable medical care in a timely manner. A solicitor who is experienced in claim for whiplash represents your best chance of a successful settlement.

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