Whiplash Process

Whiplash Injury Claim Process….Step by Step

whiplash compensation claim process Whiplash Process

Whiplash Compensation Claim Process

The entire Whiplash injury claim process can seem confusing. It is very common for injured parties and their loved ones to be unaware of the first steps, or with whom they should speak to in the first days after their accident. There are many complicated steps that need to be followed, or you could go a much simpler way and allow an experienced personal injury solicitor to do the work for you. Especially during this confusing and physically trying time, it is best to work with someone you can trust.

Whiplash Injury Claim Medical Care

Immediately following your injury you should seek medical care. This is true, even if you do not immediately feel any symptoms. In fact, you may not even experience symptoms for the first 12-24 hours after the injury occurs, and a few victims don’t feel any for several days. Legally, if you file a whiplash injury claim with the insurance company, the insurance company will be held responsible for medical costs. That includes everything that is prescribed, and in some cases, you could even include any over the counter medications that you are advised to take. The whiplash injury claim itself, needs to be filed within a prescribed time period, generally no more than three years from your accident.

Proof of Your Whiplash Injury

Filing a whiplash injury claim can be time consuming. You will be expected to provide the proper legal documentation, including medical notes, verification of time lost from work, and any lost income. Additionally, if the extent of your injuries requires you to compensate someone for taking care of you, you should have paperwork that relates to that expense as well, such as a receipt or written agreement.

It is very common for the insurance company to request an eyewitness to the accident, and they will have to submit specific paperwork that attests to what was seen at the time. Again, filing a whiplash injury claim will be much easier if an experienced personal injury solicitor is used.

Whiplash Injury Claim Paperwork Guidelines

You should be able to return to your physician for follow up care until your symptoms have entirely disappeared. Arranging for the compensation of your medical costs is not as simple as it may seem. Most medical staff are aware that more than one claim for whiplash has been rejected, either due to fraud or a failure to comply with the guidelines for filing. This is another example of when it’s preferable to have someone in a position of authority to walk you through the medical injury claim process. Arranging with your boss for time off, is potentially a difficult subject as well. Any claim for whiplash can be declined or approved, based on any piece of information that is incorrect or missing. If your case is rejected, you may have to start all over again.

The process needs to begin as soon as possible following your accident, and immediately after receiving your medical care. An experienced personal injury solicitor is best qualified and most appropriate to protect your interests, and allow you to simply heal from your injuries.

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